Safety and Training

Steed Standard Transport believes in using the most highly trained and experienced drivers available. We also provide bonus incentives to our drivers to encourage more fuel-efficient driving, while promoting better, safer trucking practices.

Reducing Fuel Consumption

Fuel costs make up a huge part of the operational expenses for any trucking company, but smart driving affects more than just the bottom line.

We are dedicated to doing all we can to reduce emissions and improve air quality for everyone. Avoiding idling, properly maintaining tires, and reducing speed are all things our drivers do to make a difference.

We save money by reducing fuel consumption, and in turn, we pass those savings on to our drivers as bonus incentives. 

On-The-Road Safety

At Steed Standard Transport, we put the safety of our drivers and the people they share the road with first. We encourage safe driving by offering incentives to drivers who have no infractions, no unavoidable collisions, and no public driving complaints on record.

Professionality On and Off the Road

For over a century, SST’s success has stemmed from our safety and friendly culture. When interacting with clients, being communicative or having a pleasant demeanor are examples of good behavior we appreciate. Bonuses are given to employees who engage in such positive conduct.