Our History


The long and successful track record for Steed Standard Transport Limited began back in 1913 in Stratford, Ontario. James “Scotty” Hamilton, WW1 veteran and a self-employed local entrepreneur, used a horse and wagon to distribute coal and wood in his James Hamilton Teamster. The company also carried passengers to and from the local train station.


In 1920 Hamilton bought a used, surplus army truck to expand the business and offer services including hauling gravel and household moves.


James Hamilton renamed the company Standard Transport. A year later he landed his first major contract with a busy local furniture factory, Kroehler Manufacturing Company.


In 1939, Hamilton invited his eldest daughter, Helene, and her husband, Gordon E. Steed, to help work for the business. His client, Kroehler, was called upon to make wing and tail assemblies for warplanes, which added to the workload.

James Hamilton served with the Perth Regiment during the first world war. He also delivered supplies between Stratford and Niagara Falls as part of the war effort.


When James Hamilton died in 1945, Gordon E. Steed and Helene Steed became the second-generation owners of Standard Transport.


Their son, Gordon J. Steed, joined the company as a truck driver in 1956. After 10 years, Gordon and his wife Elaine bought the company from his parents. 


In 1966, the company was renamed Steed Standard Transport.


Gordon and Elaine’s son, James Steed began working for the company at an early age doing odd jobs. He later pursued an education in the administrative side of the business and gained valuable first-hand experience within the trucking industry. He began working with SST in 1990 as a driver.


In 2000, James became the fourth generation to purchase the company.